GVAX owns and manages its own network infrastructure with data centres in several Latin American countries, in Canada, USA, Switzerland and Spain.
At GVAX, we control the quality of the channels from the transmission to the reception
Soon with GVAX: the best of European TV channels!
With GVAX you’ll get access to the best European channels everywhere you go, at home or on holidays. Take GVAX everywhere with you and access your favourite content!
GVAX works for and with you! This is the reason why a number of Latin American celebrities living in Europe have given us their confidence.
To guarantee the quality of our service and the customer support through our specialized partners, we only distribute our service through the acquisition of TV devices that have been certified by our developers. Certain devices running Android TV 5 or TV 6 are also certified to be used with our service.

Feel free, no commitment, cancel your monthly subscription anytime !

With GVAX you are completely free without any long-term commitment. Once you buy a subscription, you renew it every month automatically with your credit card or you can buy and redeem a coupon code in one of our Point of Sales.

The subscriptions to our TV packages are prepaid, if you don’t renew it for a limited period, you will always be able to reactivate your subscription any time for a minimal period of one month. The automatic renewal with credit card payments makes your life easier, but if you choose not to use your credit card you can always buy and redeem a coupon code in one of our Partners’ Point of sales.

Our product and infrastructure have been developed to guarantee the best OTT quality, this is one major point that differentiates us and guarantees our client’s satisfaction. Furthermore, we constantly improve our offering listening to the requests and comments of our clients

Through our GVAX Media Box we offer and will soon add premium services like  VOD in your language and other streaming applications.
We are currently developing our own applications with exclusive international partners. New applications will be introduced in 2018 in our GVAX universe.

Take GVAX everywhere you go ! 

During your holidays abroad, you can watch your favourite shows, while other members of your family enjoy a different content. Simply bring your Box at a friend’s house to watch a live event at his place!
With GVAX you can watch your content on different devices.*


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