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Become a GVAX Advisor:
Start your GVAX career with us and discover for yourself the advantages of working independently with a premium and ambitious company. Our objective today is to equip one out of ten Latin American households in Europe and we are specifically looking to hire advisors in Germany, France, Benelux, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. The benefits of direct sales are clear: Customers experience first-hand the quality and efficiency of the products during an individual demonstration at their homes. For employees, direct selling offers an attractive world of benefits while working under extremely flexible conditions and in a dynamic market environment. With a GVAX career, you can be your own boss, choosing how often you work and what hours you work. Whether you decide to be full time or part time, we’ll be happy to have you as part of our team of GVAX Advisors.


+You will be working in a friendly environment within the team and support from your group leader. If you’re a sociable type who is confident in dealing with people one-on-one or in groups, then this could be the perfect fit.

+The word-of-mouth is paramount. A productive meeting will excite interest among the hosts who will continue to recommend our advisors.

+You will receive free training and practical guidance to familiarise you with the job and be successful over the long term.

+During your free training we will lend a GVAX TV-Box during the first 2 months.

+Even better, you can earn your free TV-Box and subscription

+You will earn money each time you activate a GVAX Box and also receive some recurring rewards based on your performance.

+Introduction to freelance working without any financial obligations or risks

+Independent working in a positive and successful environment

+Friendly cooperation within the team and support from your group leader

+Chances for personal development and career opportunities.